The social media that cares about you!

By making going outside fun.

Our Values

We care about health in every way.

What other social media can say that?


Our mental health matters as much as our physical health and that is why we aim to bring awareness, resources, and build a positive platform.


Mother nature knows best. Lets trade in scrolling in bed to  become eager to explore and go outside.


Online arguments, harassment, and shady user data  practices are a thing of the past.

It is our promise to you.


No popularity contest just candid & chill.

No like count, no filters, no algorithms or annoying ads.

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Time to get out and explore!

Trade in scrolling in bed for your shoes and a backpack.

Content becomes available to see when you are physically close to where it was posted.

Geo specicifc content:

Being in the moment is designed to get you out on adventures with friends. Find a new spot in town or hidden street art.

Rainy days.

There are days when it snows or rains and times when you can't go outside, and we thought of that! There still is a city wide feed that you can view and post to!


What people are saying 🎤

"I think it’s great that this new social media would actually value
the consumers and take into account their
well-being. "

Allie - Indiana University Student

"I like that it prioritizes mental health. I've had to take breaks from social media in the past because of how negatively it can impact my mental health"

Jessie -Bloomington Resident

“I like how I can see what is happening locally within my community. This is a great way to get me outside and
exploring the city!”

Alex - Bloomington Resident

Starting In Bloomington, IN📍