May 3, 2023

Airoma is out, time for you to be too!

Airoma is officially out for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Time to get out, explore, and create!

Airoma is out, time for you to be too!

Airoma is Out, Time for You to be Too!

Today, Airoma has launched on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Airoma is available for everyone to download however posting to Home Feed is granted to users located in Bloomington, Indiana for this initial release to focus on a candid and relevant experience. We will be expanding to more cities very soon!

Airoma is designed to be a fun and candid way for users to discover and share experiences in their local area. With a focus on both mental and physical health, Airoma uses Geo-based posts and augmented reality to encourage users to explore their surroundings and get outside.

"We're excited to launch Airoma and provide a new way for people to interact with their local communities, explore town, and get outside. We know that people are looking for ways to stay healthy and connected, while not wanting to be on addictive social platforms, and we believe Airoma can help with that. " - CEO Eli Serrano.

Airoma offers a city feed home that allows users to post images to a large local audience. This allows users to interact from anywhere within the city and see any local news, events, or activities.  Users can make the post more interactive by long pressing on the image which will open up the Augmented Reality screen. In an open and well lighted area, slowly point your camera to the ground and pan around your area to allow the AR to get started. Then the post will appear within your camera screen as if it was physically there. Users can then move around their area to see this post in 3D.

To add a new post, tap the “+” button in the upper right of the screen. If your location is not within the city limits you will see a request screen where you can suggest a location you want to see Airoma in.

Users can add comments by taping the and see who has viewed each post by clicking the “ 👀 ” button. From there, users can see other profiles and add friends. When you add a friend they will appear in your private friend list located in your profile page and can be accessed by taping the number above “Friends”.

The Discover page is where users can find hyper local posts named “moments” made within a 15 minute walking distance. This encourages users to get outside and explore the growing content over town. Users can see where and when moments have been made to plan new adventures with friends to hot places around town. Users can also see a list of curated locations that offer fun experiences. Users can also suggest their own place that they want to see added by taping “Suggest a place”

The Explore Page offers a 360 degree view of Bloomington with a AR post that says “Welcome to Augmented Reality, Full scale city AR coming soon!” This page will be the home of Airoma’s large scale AR experience that will instantly show posts in AR when you are within distance of where it was posted. More information and updates are soon to come!

Airoma cares about the digital health of its users, and has implemented measures to ensure a safe and positive environment by allowing users to report content they believe shouldn’t be allowed and the ability to block a user.

Ready to get out?
Airoma is available now on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and is free to download and use.